Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Lord of Change

"Magnarrr" , the voice purred as the deamon scrutinised it's champion, "you must remember there is nothing I do not know, no-one I do not suspect! No-one, no-one.

The daemon laughed it's mocking laugh once more and Magnar turned his face from that unforgiving stare.

The first painted miniature that wowed me and made me want to not only paint miniatures, but also be good at it, was a Lord of Change on the cover of the "Citadel Painting Guide", a small booklet which Games Workshop sold, at the time, for a buck! 

Lord of Change, upper right

I just loved the vibrant tropical colours and the awesome look of this chaotic beast. I painted one, back in 1991 which for very long stood as the benchmark of my painting abilities. It's still today in my collection, and it has seen a lot of battles over the years (as evidenced by the loss of its tail...).

So for the Monstrous challenge of the The Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge (Yes, I'm stupidly part of two painting challenges at the same time)  I decided to paint me another one of those! I figured there would be a lot of dark stuff in this challenge, but I would go with a full blown display of colours! I find it a bit sad nowadays seeing people paint their Lord of Changes in mono colours of blue or purple, this is Tzeentch goddammit, the God of Change and mutations, and his servants should be as vibrant and colourful as possible!

At the time, Citadel made three bodies, with randomly available heads and tails. My favourite body was this one, and the two headed was also my favourite head. I waited for a while on Ebay until I found my perfect Lord of Change, and this guy's been in my collection for a few years now. 

So I obviously went with a full tropical colour scheme, inspired by the classic paint jobs of the 80s. I especially like my ultra bright green and the pale blue of the wings. This guy took me a while to paint, what with all the textures and the many details. He was also a pain to hold while painting! But I'm really happy with him, and I believe my 10 year old self would be very happy with his look.

He's going to have a place of honour in my future Tzeentch and Slaanesh allied force I've been collecting and planning in the last few years (my current force is Nurgle, undivided and Khorne). 

Hope you like him, cheers!

Friday, February 2, 2018

Zrazoig, Fang and more Doom (January entry in the OWAC)

It does not seem to bother them than their chances of survival are low, but then only the most crazed Goblins would want to be propelled in the air anyway. These Goblins are known as Doom Divers, although it is usually for other (saner) goblins to call them "Bat Wings Loonies". In the dirty, brutal and often painfully short life of a goblin the chance of swooping through the air and smashing right through their enemies is just too good to miss. The Doom Divers know that the ultimate excitement of diving through the air is at high speed is well worth the considerable risks. Though it is a sad way for a Goblin to go, it is infinitely more better than to die an ignoble death by the hands of a hungry Troll.

The first submission of January is Zrazoig, the almighty Shaman, and his trusted sacred spider, Fang the hairy.

This is of course the famous Giant Spider rider released in 1991 by Marauder Miniatures, Not surprisingly, the orc and gobbo ranges matches perfectly with my 4th edition Forest goblins.

Another figure from the heydays of the late 80s and early 90s, it oozes charm. It was also incredibly easy to assemble, being basically a three piece figure (spider head, rest of the body and then the shaman). He's going to be the main magic user in my Forest Goblin army. Once again I found a way to incorporate yellow and orange to tie it with the rest of my army. Most of the spider symbols on my goblins are orange, so I figured it would make sense the sacred spiders from that Forest would be at least partially orange! Still not completely happy with my orange, but it will do.

The second entry for this month is my second (and last) Doom Diver. Obviously subtlety is not required here, so I went with bold yellow for the wings, and a red suit. 

This is the second Doom Diver I paint for the army, and I inverted the colours from my previous one. With two of them, I almost have a squadron of the little crazy kamikaze!

And here is my progress report pic :

I was hoping to include an infantry regiment for this month, but it has become clear that this will not happen. I've started working on a 30 figure Forest Goblin regiment but there's no way I will finish it in time, and I'd like as much as possible to only submit finished units. Still, for an army I began basically two months and a half ago, I'm pretty happy with the results. Gotta love painting challenges and peer pressure!

So, for this month :
  • 1 Doom Diver : 100pts
  • Forest Goblin Shaman on Gigantic Spider* :  128pts
Total : 228pts

*I cheated a little on the Gigantic Spider, as I used the point value from the 3rd edition rulebook. Why? I wanted to distinguish this spider from the spiders used by the 4th ed spider riders, since it is much bigger and looks more badass (and also sits on a 40mm base). Basically, I count it as a monster instead of just a mundane mount. It is how I intend to use it in game.

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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Ukag's Mercenaries and Graaz the Savage (December entry in the OWAC)

So my first month of the challenge was a busy one, what with a 20 figures unit plus a Doom Diver, so I figured I needed maybe a slightly less busy month. 

My December entry is pure Oldhammer, with a trio of maybe the most iconic figures ever produced by Citadel Miniatures, the famous Jes Goodwin's Ogres mercenaries. 

Ukag's Mercenaries

These guys are exactly how I imagine Ogres, with their touch of oriental/slavic armour and fashions. While my Goblin's colour scheme is a very colourful triad of yellow, orange and red, I wanted these guys to have a more somber, "business" look, while still fitting in the army. Consequently I used yellow and red to tie them the army, but offset by greys and dark green. I'm super happy with them, it's been a while since I've been that satisfied with a unit. I also had a perfectly sized movement trays for these guys, I'll need to order some more for all my units. Convenient and nice looking.

Boss Ukag himself, maybe my favourite miniature ever

For Ukag, the Mercenary Boss, I couldn't resist doing some stripped pants, as is almost mandatory with the model, and I'm quite happy with the results. The big yellow emblem really gives him a dash of colours on an otherwise subdued scheme.

Then we have "Mace" Nakog; I had to do one of the Ogres in a Christmas colour scheme, just had to!

"Mace" Nakog

And the third Ogre, Gurot the Butcher, a fantastic figure which was a lot of fun to paint. The mix of grey and yellow works really well I think, more than I first anticipated! 

Gurot the Butcher

And to finish this month in style, here is Graaz the Savage, the General of my army. It's the only figure of the project more recent than 1992, and comes from the Oldhammer inspired GreenSkins Wars from Knightmare Miniatures (Goblin fans have a look at their ranges there's a lot of awesome pieces). The figure is a bit bigger than the other goblins in my collection (although all were sculpted by Gobbo master Kev Adams) but it works perfectly as "DA Big Boss" of my army. It's also very Forest Goblin in it's style. 

So, for December :
  • 3 Ogres w light armour and 2 handed weapons : 132 pts
  • Forest Goblin Warlord : 50 pts
Total : 182pts

Monday, December 18, 2017

Forest Goblins archers & a Doom Diver (November entry in the OWAC)

So the first part of my November entry is a regiment of  19 Forest Goblin archers, led by Noraz Stickblast, a Goblin Big Boss.

I must admit painting these fellows in a month has been a challenge; first because work has been very busy, and also because I didn't expect these guys to take that long! I mean, they're small, so they should paint faster, right? WRONG. I never noticed the insane amount of details goblin master Kev Adams had sculpted on these little fellow. Skulls, spiders, ear rings, bones, feathers, etc. He even sculpted them nails! These are not your typical clad in black night goblins. And at a mere 2.5 pts each, it probably makes them the worst deal in Warhammer history when it comes to bang for your painting time! 

But boy, do they look great once finished. The Kev Adams 4th edition gobbos are (by far) my favourite goblins, I love their look of mischief rather than pure evil. They are exactly how I envision Goblins. 

I decided to use the Shaman model as a standard, err Totem bearer, instead

It was my first time painting greenskins since, oh, 1993 or so, so I had to come up with a green recipe. I always liked my goblins to be a very bright green, and I'm really pleased with my results! As for the colour scheme, I went with a trio of bright colours in yellow, red and orange. I always like bright colours when I can get away with it, and I also wanted to give a nod to the "red" era when these figures came out. I also like to use a limited palette when army building, so I used browns and bones for the rest of the details, so to keep the attention on the bright green of the skin and the trio of hot colours.

My only regret is the shield. Didn't have time to paint a proper design

My original idea was to include war paints on the rank & file, but time constraint (and the fact I would then have to do the same on hundreds of other goblins) changed my plans so I only painted them on my Boss and the musician. It's probably something that I will keep doing on the rest of my army, i.e. limiting war paints to royalty and command figures. 

Now, goblins being goblins, the little bastards cost litterally nothing, so that whole unit, with a Big Boss, doesn't even reach 100 points! 

So here comes the second part of my entry...a Doom Diver!! If I'm really excited about this it is because I absolutely love everything about Doom Divers; it's such a perfectly stupid goblin war machine, it fits so well with the Warhammer goblin fluff, and the 4th edition model is just so cute and charming!

I gave him the same colour scheme as the rest of the force (when you kamikaze yourself, bright colours are in order!) and I decided to put him on a nice, big base. I'm not a fan of separate bases when it comes to war machines, and I always prefer to build dioramas and such. I like him a lot.

So to recap :
  • 19 Forest Goblins archers, including standard & musician : 63 pts
  • Noraz Stickblast, Forest Goblin Big Boss : 33 pts
  • 1 Doom Diver : 100pts
Total : 199pts

Next month? I'm thinking bigger...MUCH bigger

Monday, December 4, 2017

My Old World Army Challenge (OWAC) project

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Stick 'em wiv arrers'. Stick 'em with knives. 'an swords, and spears. Stick 'em quick and stick 'em where it 'urts. But most of all, stick 'em when they's looking in the other way.

I've been involved in Oldhammer, and it's awesome community, for around 4 years now. Now I won't bore you with my tales of nostalgia, although should you be interested you'll find it in here. My first love was Warhammer 3rd Edition, and the Realm of Chaos books. So when I started my Oldhammer collecting, and then painting, my first target was a Chaos army. But while I was building that army, my collector's sight were already fixed on amassing my second dream army; Goblins! For you see Warhammer 4th edition came out shortly after I started the hobby, and my White Dwarfs were rapidly inundated with pictures of Kev Adam's wonderful sculpts of those mischievous green creatures. To this day I've yet to find another range that embodies how I see Goblins; evil yes, but also incredibly stupid and yes, kind of cute. Basically, I like my goblins more on the mischievous side than the pure evil side, and Kev Adam's 4th edition Goblins are exactly that. 

But in the early 90s, while I was dreaming about building a Goblin army, the sad reality was that in was just that, a dream. In 1992-1993, I was but 13 years old, and a goblin only army was extremely expensive. Other than the plastic night goblins archers and the goblins spearmen from the boxset, all goblins available were in metal, and you needed hundreds of them! In those days the little guys were sold in blisters of 4 IIRC, so it was simply an impossible mission for a young boy with a 20$ bi-weekly allowance! I did buy many blisters actually, but it was a drop of water in the ocean!

So around 3 years ago I really started to collect a 4th ed Goblin army. And boy, it wasn't easy! One of the great mysteries of Oldhammer is, to me, the rarity of metal goblins and their prohibitive price on Ebay. So I was patient, waited for big lots, and when the big lots came I was as rutless as they come. THEY WERE MINE, ALL MINE! I was especially interested in the forest goblins, my favourite, and the classic goblins. If you haven't noticed yet, my thing is goblins, I'm not a huge fan of Orcs. A necessary evil, at most.

So between trading pages, Ebay and my old original stock I did managed to assemble a vast collection, one that I'm especially proud of. But the collection's been ready for over a year now and I procrastinate and procrastinate. Why? Well I'm a bit afraid of the sheer numbers of figures I'll need to paint.

So when I was challenged by my good friend Chris to create the OWAC, I knew the time had come, and that I could hide no more! The goblins were calling me, waiting to be unleashed upon the world, to swarm their enemies (Greg, Chris, I"m looking at you), to conquer...ok, ok...they are still goblins so conquer is a tad exaggerated. Annoy might be more exact.

Anyways, I talk too much. Let's have a look at my complete Orcs & goblins collection, and my plans for the next 6 months!

When the Challenge started, I decided to make a complete inventory of my collection. Here it is : 

As you can see the majority of the collection is made-up of forest goblins and goblins, with some Orcs and night goblins. The vast majority is also from 4th ed, although I do have some Marauder orcs and goblins, and some really Old School Ogres. 

From that I just had to come up with one 1000pts worth of Orcs & Goblins. Since I had enough of the little fuckers, I decided to go with an all forest goblins force (well, almost). More figures to paint, sure, but oh so more rewarding! Not to mention fulfilling the dream of my 13 year old self! Obviously, in this case I used the 4th edition Orcs & Goblins army book. Too many troops were not present in the 3rd edition (forest goblins, Doom Divers, etc.) Although ironically I do not play 4th, so I intend on building a custom list eventually for 3rd! 

So here's my list! I'm around 70 pts short, which I will use for either more goblins, wolf riders, stone lobbers or orcs, depending on my mood.
  • 19 Forest Goblins archers, including standard & musician : 63 pts
  • 19 Forest Goblins archers, including standard & musician : 63 pts
  • 30 Forest Goblins w 2 handed weapons, including standard & musician : 108.5 pts
  • 9 spider riders, including standard & musician : 121 pts
  • 2 Doom Divers : 200 pts
  • 3 Ogres w light armour and 2 handed weapons : 132 pts
  • Forest Goblin Shaman Champion on Giant Spider : 87 pts
  • Forest Goblin Warlord : 50 pts
  • Forest Goblin Big Boss : 33 pts
  • Forest Goblin Big Boss : 33 pts
  • Forest Goblin Big Boss on Giant Spider : 37 pts
Total : 927.5 pts

Of course I reserve the right to make changes as I go! But I do enjoy making lists, it's great for planning. The Challenge states that we must paint 200pts per month, and I believe I have a good mix of units, war machines and characters which should allow me to reach that goal while still having fun.

Let the green madness begin!!

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