Sunday, May 27, 2018

Old World Army Challenge Wrap-up; a 1000pts army of Forest Goblins!

Well here it is, the end of the Old World Army Challenge. When we decided to do the challenge, I really wanted to start a Goblin army, something that was a dream of mine in my youth, but the task was a daunting one, and made me hesitate. In the end though, the pull was too big, and I plunged! And I'm really happy I did! Now, let's get that Warhammer army pose picture out of the way, shall we ;-)

The look of content after a 6 month marathon

The Plan

My Orcs and Goblins unpainted collection was a hefty one, and here is a reminder of what it looked like 6 months ago (obviously, only a small part of that was painted!).

My original plan was the following :

  • 19 Forest Goblins archers, including standard & musician : 63 pts
  • 19 Forest Goblins archers, including standard & musician : 63 pts
  • 30 Forest Goblins w 2 handed weapons, including standard & musician : 108.5 pts
  • 9 spider riders, including standard & musician : 121 pts
  • 2 Doom Divers : 200 pts
  • 3 Ogres w light armour and 2 handed weapons : 132 pts
  • Forest Goblin Shaman Champion on Giant Spider : 87 pts
  • Forest Goblin Warlord : 50 pts
  • Forest Goblin Big Boss : 33 pts
  • Forest Goblin Big Boss : 33 pts
  • Forest Goblin Big Boss on Giant Spider : 37pts

A tall task! For while I am a very organized person, especially when it comes to this hobby, I am also an incredibly slow painter, and also a perfectionist! 

The Result

Well, I'm happy to say I almost followed my plans, but for one unit, replacing one archer unit with fanatics. I can live with that! 

Noraz Stickblast regiment (19 Forest Goblins archers, including standard, musician and Big Boss Noraz Stickblast) : 99 pts

Ukag's Mercenaries (3 Ogres w light armour and 2 handed weapons): 132 pts

Kleznot's Forest Goblin Mob (29 Forest Goblins w 2 handed weapons, including standard & musician and Big Boss Kleznot : 141.5 pts)

3 Fanatics : 90pts

Stag's Spida Rida (9 spider riders, including musician and standard, equipped with lances, shields and bows and Stag, Big Boss on giant spider, equipped with shield) : 170pts

2 Doom Divers (200pts) 

Zrazoig, the almighty Shaman, and his trusted sacred spider, Fang the hairy (Forest Goblin Shaman on Gigantic Spider) : 128pts

Graaz the Savage (Forest Goblin Warlord) : 50 pts

Total : 1010.5pts

I like Forest Goblins, I like them a lot!
It's a great feeling to come up from this Challenge with a complete 1000pts force. It's based, I even did all the customized movement tray, so I can say this 1000pts is *completely* finished. Yeah! I'll admit there was a moment in the challenge when I told myself (and Laurie) that I had made a mistake by going with goblins! But in the end my pride, mostly, pushed me to finish!And now that it's over, it's probably one of the favourite wargame army I've painted; the 4th edition gobbos are such fantastic little figures.

Now I'm taking a well deserved break, and I hope to organize part II of the Challenge in 6 to 8 months!


  1. Well done...... a great accomplishment.

  2. I must say that the basing in the last few photos is quite impressive, very nice effect.

  3. Elle est superbe ton armée, je les adore ces Goblins. C'est un très bon choix. Bravo à toi :)

    1. Merci Nico! Dommage qu'un océan nous sépare, une baston contre tes nains auraient été chouettes!

  4. A great, though daunting, choice of army. You pulled it off, so kudos to you. I loved it. Not much else to say.

  5. Congratulations Iannick! Great work, and what a ton of work overseeing that Challenge! Well done!

  6. Lovely work man, an arrayed & regimented force looks so pleasing to the eye over the loose look in Age of Sigmar.

  7. Nicely done! Reminds me of my old goblin army I had back in about 1996ish. Night Goblins for me though :)