Friday, August 22, 2014

Welcome to my childhood world

Welcome to my new blog, in which I will ramble about my Oldhammer projects, mainly the painting and collecting aspects, and of course the odd nostalgia and gaming posts. After leaving the Games Workshop world in the early 2000s in favour of historical painting and gaming, I started collecting back old Citadel and Marauder Chaos figures a few years ago, but it's in the last year or so that I really decided to jump into this movement feet first, adding Dwarf and Goblin forces to my collecting efforts. I also actually started painting my first Oldhammer army, a Chaos undivided army, almost a year ago last fall. Many of the figures making up my Chaos Army have been with me for over 20 years, although they received a Simple Green bath and lost their original (and usually horrendous) paint job! Unfortunately, in my late teen years I sold part of my collection (mostly goblins but also some Chaos), curse me! So I've been trawling Ebay and other sites in an effort to find all those precious figures I dreamed about as a kid!

Although the nostalgia factor is an important one for me, and one I will discuss in my next post, the quality and originality of the fantasy figures, and the accompanying rulebooks, made for Warhammer from the mid-80s to the early 90s is unrivaled to this day. The setting of the 3rd edition, one of war yes but also of fantasy and adventure, is another element that appeals to me. The extreme bleak and dark world of current editions leaves me cold.

And, yes, the collecting aspect of Oldhammer makes this even more fun. It takes a lot more patience than any other Wargaming interest, but the joy of finding a figure you've been looking for a long time is well worth it!

The vast majority of figures you will see on this blog will be from that 86-92 period, although I'm not averse to using figures from later periods if it fits well in style with my armies.
As a young boy, I was especially enamored of Marauder Miniatures, particularly their Chaos range, so expect to see a lot of them, and of course a lot of Citadel Miniatures. Hence the name of this blog.

Those who know me are well aware I also love historical painting and gaming. I have a very large Napoleonic collection, as well as Ancients, Renaissance and French Indian War projects. As such I've been using my historical blog, Par la bouche de mes canons, to share pictures of my Chaos project. It just felt like almost two different hobbies with often different readership, and so it just made sense for me to separate my two passions in different blogs. I will slowly move some of the Oldhammer post from there to here, so those who follow my other blog will see a few familiar pictures in the coming weeks. But I'm sure many readers have never been to my other blog, so I think its worth doing.

And if you read this blog and realize you have some old figures in your garage you want to sell, by all means contact me and I'll happily oblige!

Iannick Martin
Montréal, Québec


  1. Salut Iannick !! Très bonne initiative cette séparation. ça permettra d'obtenir une meilleur lisibilité pour les deux univers (Histo et WHFB).
    Par contre j'ai pas la main pour m'inscrire comme follower?

  2. Merci Nico! Comprends pas pour les followers? Tu ne peux pas t'inscrire? Le gadget est juste en bas de mon profile, a gauche.

  3. Ok c'est bon je viens de me m'inscrire au suivi :)
    Par contre ça serai bien de "re"poster tes anciens messages Oldhammer sur ce Blog, t'en penses quoi?

    1. C'est dans mes plans ;-) Je suis a les travailler pour les remettre "d'actualites". Le premier sera publie dans quelques minutes