Tuesday, January 5, 2016

2015 is dead, long live 2016!

2015 was a crappy year as far as my hobby is concerned. A new job, the water leak, and the process of selling and buying a house took most of my time and I did very little painting. Consequently I'm just glad it's over and there will be no post reminiscing about it!

While I expect the first few months of 2016 to be similarly hectic, I have high hopes a more normal routine will follow!

And with optimism comes planning! So, what is on the horizon, in my world of Fantasy (and Sci-Fi?)


Chaos Army
This project, which was going very well, suffered from my lack of painting the most and I intend to get it back on track and "finish" it. My goal is to have a picture of the "completed" army by the end of the year. That means, at minimum :
-  2 trolls
- 8 Chaos Knights
- 1 Chaos Spawn
But of course I'd like to add a bit more, including a unit of nurglings, a couple of random Chaos champions and possibly a unit of Nurgle warriors. 

Skirmish Sci-Fi project
Yes, something completely different and out of the blue. After an impulse buy of some Sci-Fi figures, I decided to plunge into the genre. I blame JB's Leadplague and a few other blogs for that! While I like my fantasy in big battles and big armies, I intend to go very small for this project. The goal would be to create small factions of 20 or so models. I'd like to build two factions this year. So approximately 30-40 figures. More on this later...

Just two projects to paint, hey? That"s focus! Can I maintain that focus and not start any other projects? We are going to find out!


Slaanesh and Tzeentch Chaos stuff
Yeah, it's probably crazy but after building a dark chaos army with strong Nurgle ties (and some Khorne allies) I'd still like to paint one day a crazy colourful Chaos army with a lot of Slaanesh and Tzeentch troops. It would allow me to play a Realm of Chaos battle using the actual (crazy powerful) RoC lists. And I would like to do that one day. An old dream of mine. So I need pretty much everything, from more warriors to more Champions to more Beastmen, etc. And quite possibly some Marauder Dark Elves.

More Goblins! MORE!
2017 should be the year of the goblins in my house. I've been collecting this army for a while now, and I'd like to get some more greenskins before the grand day arrives. Especially warmachines, more squigs, and you know, you can never have too many goblins. It will have an heavy 4th edition flavour, but I haven't completely forgotten about the 3rd edition stuff...

The good guy army
I'dm thinking of building a good guys army for Warhammer. I don't have one. But instead of concentrating on one race, I'm thinking of going really Warhammer 3rd edition and go with a bit of everything. You know, an alliance of good folks! I already have a lot of Dwarfs, and I might also collect some Wood Elves, some Empire, etc. For this army I'm not restricting myself to old stuff though. There's a few new ranges I've had my eye on. Although do expect a lot of Halflings, and I mean a lot of the little buggers...I have a certain Kickstarter to blame for that. 

The game room

I bought a new house (although we haven't moved yet). Inside that new house there's a basement. And as per agreement with the girlfriend that basement is mine. I'd say this is my biggest project of 2016 for sure. The basement hasn't been worked on since approximately 1982. I have lovely wallpaper (and who doesn't LOVE wallpaper), some nice orange 70s ceramic, horrendous light fixtures, etc. A game room has been THE dream, and I intend on doing it right. 

So that is the plan for 2016. Next post, the first painted figure of the year. 


  1. Je te souhaite mes meilleurs voeux pour cette nouvelle année.
    Et j'espère surtout voir toujours plus de figurines peintes sur ton Blog!! Cheers ;)

    1. Bonne annee a toi aussi Nico! Le plan c'est effectivement beaucoup plus de peintures cette annee. J'envisage meme de jouer en plus! ;-)

  2. 2015 a été un peu bizarre pour beaucoup mais le but c'est de ne pas baisser les bras. Je te souhaite de t'éclater cette année !