Thursday, January 21, 2016


I hinted at doing just that recently, and yes it's happening. My plan was to start the project next year, but circumstances have changed that. It so happens that my (meagre) Sci-Fi collection has not found it's way to boxes yet, and so I figured it was as good a time as any to start this.

I start this project not knowing what ruleset I will use, nor in exactly which galaxy I will play on any given gameday! In fact, even the style of Sci-Fi is subject to debate. I got the urge to start some Sci-Fi last spring, after buying, on impulse, the Battle System Sci-Fi terrain (so no, people, it's not because of Star Wars!).

I just thought it was so cool, and the gaming possibilities just screamed to me. Playing Sci-Fi skirmishes in abandonned vessels or space stations just strikes my fancy a lot more than W40K tank battles! I need to build and play in this thing!

While I haven't gamed the genre in a long time, I do like my Sci-Fi. A lot. My favourite novel is Dune and Aliens has to be top 5 of my favourite movies. I also like many styles, from the dark Aliens to Space Opera to Cyberpunk to everything in the middle. So I'm not limiting myself in style, but rather in size. My initial plan is to build many small 15 to 30 figures forces and just go with the flow. In that I was a bit influenced by the way JB (from the Leadplague blog) does thing.

Now some will mix, some will not. And while not all of them will be Oldhammer, be assured there will be some love for the nostalgic fans among you!

I'd probably like to try some Rogue Traders game, after more than 20 years since my last game, but I'm also intrigued by the Osprey Sci-Fi game coming up in the Fall :

But when it comes to rules, my logic is simple; build the forces you want, and make the ruleset adapt. Not the other way around.

So yeah, it's my new small project for this year. I'm usually more of a big army type guy, but building small forces will create nice diversions in between unit painting. I expect it will be an ongoing project for years to come.


  1. Excellent news! I've taken a very similar course as you with RT...for each faction I want 2-3 squads a a couple of fun big models...dreds, ogryns etc. Also I really like my Battle Systems terrain. the prep time takes awhile but is worth the effort. FYI I'll be having a RT game this weekend with some friends here in VT...we should certainly make another game happen soon! you are actually one of my closest potential gaming partners! :)

    1. Excellent. And on your recommandations I got two sets of Battle System, for more fun.

      You are on my list of early guests as soon as I move and get my stuff out of boxes. And get that passport of yours! You shall be rewarded with games and poutine ;-)