Thursday, January 26, 2017

Female Assassin

Assassins take no pride in fighting fairly. We take pride in winning.

A single piece for this week's Challenge; a female assassin from Dark Swords Miniatures. The figure is not attached to any planned games or project, really, it's a Christmas gift from the girlfriend. Now usually when she gives me figures as gift they go into the lead pile, and she gets to see them painted many moons later, so this year I decided to do something different and put it in my priority pile!

So there she is, I painted her as a single so I did spend more time on her than most other figures, and I'm really happy I did as I think she looks gorgeous! The figure itself is n awesome sculpt and has that nice Old School vibe the fantasy masters at Dark Sword still manage to produce. It's a very simple sculpt, no skulls or extra belts and stuff, but it is very effective.

Yes, I couldn't resist using some pink on the female warrior, cliché you might say, but I just love the colour and any excuse to use it is good with me! I tried to offset the bright colour with a darker mauve cloak, a very simple basing and some grey pants. I quite like the final results.

Now, of course, being who I am it might just be the start of a Frostgrave or Songs of Blades and Heroes warband! Somewhere the evil masters at Dark Swords are smiling, knowing I need at least 10 more of their figures...

(and a small but satisfying 5 pts for the Challenge)


  1. Wonderful work on the Purple there!!! One of my painting nemesis...

    1. Thanks! Not one of mine, I'm currently painting a whole Emperor's Children force! ;-)

  2. It's a lovely figure. I like the color choices.