Thursday, February 2, 2017

Halflings, Part III (LeafGrave project)

Judge me by my size, do you?

Those of you actually reading my ramblings may recall that the Halflings are meant, amongst other things, to play some Frostgrave games (which I renamed LeafGrave for this project). And to play LeafGrave, you need at least two very important things : 1) a wizard and 2) an apprentice. So it was time to paint one of each! Also this week a Paladin, a bard and a fighter.

From left to right: Fighter, Bard, Apprentice, Mage and Paladin

The Mage is to be used as an Elementalist for LeafGrave. I didn't painted the Apprentice in the same colour scheme as the Mage, which many people do, as I wanted the Apprentice to blend with other of my Halflings wizards. 

Because yes, I have a few more Halflings wizards from that range so that will leave me the option of building different Halfling warbands with different wizards. I expect you'll see at least one or two more practitioner of magic in the next month or so! I did however gave the apprentice the same type of "lightning blue" magic flame to tie him up. 

I hope you keep enjoying the little guys as much as I enjoy painting them. It's like going through all the possible D&D Character classes, 5 Halflings at a time.

More Halflings (possibly, probably) to come next week!

And another 25 pts for the Challenge

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