Saturday, May 27, 2017

Analogue Challenge Post-mortem (or better late than never)

Better late than never

(Apologies for my complete absence the last two months, I needed a small break from the hobby after being burned out by the challenge! Well, that and a lot of time had to be spent on spring gardening/pool start-up/etc.. Anyways, here is the very late post-morten of my 3 month) winter Analogue challenge)

Well, it was a fantastic Challenge for me, finally! My last few challenges have been plagued by a house flood, health issues and a house move, but this year I was ready and all in, and I managed by far my very best total, with 704 pts. My previous best was 510 pts, so I can safely say this was my most successful challenge (I participated in the last 5 challenges).

Here I am, proud owner of 150 new painted figures!

I really worked on my productivity this year, my main goal to make good progress on various gaming projects, and I achieved that. I was completely burned out at the end, so that was a pretty good sign I worked my butt off during three months! I also managed to participate in all bonus theme round, terrain excepted, so that was also a good accomplishment for me.

It wasn't all perfect, of course, as I manage to lose the 30K duel quite badly, lost my race to the finish with Curt and got into a tie with Sander for a 80s GI Joe duel! Of course, these duels were mainly there for fun, and they achieved their objectives! Although I do owe some figures to some people!

A better view at 3 months work
What I really liked this challenge is that I managed to finish or almost finish 4 sides for my gaming projects : an Emperor's Children force (2/3 done), a Sci-Fi Skirmish force (done), a Pulp Cobra side (almost done) and a Halfling force (more than I need!).

The Emperor's Children :

The Vordania II Insurrectio

The Halflings

And the Cobra 

As well as a few Oldhammer figures, Zombicide and more!

So yeah, that was fun. As with most summer, I don't expect this place will be filled with new painting, but I'll try my best to prep stuff for the Fall. Maybe a few new painting here and there, of course.

Next post I'll try to finish a battle report I've been working on. Played an Oldhammer game this winter and didn't yet write the damn battle report!


  1. Congratulations on getting an impressive amount of lovely miniatures painted.

    I'm just coming back from a long hobby break, trying to get back into the miniature painting groove.

    1. Thanks! Breaks are necessary, but the quality of the first few figures painted always suffer for it!

  2. It was an excellent Painting Challenge Iannick - thanks for helping to make it so fun!

    1. It really was! We'll try to match that next year!

  3. Great output Iannick. I'm still recovering from two challenges ago.