Monday, November 6, 2017

If you're a kid from the 80s...

I'm currently working on a small 80s Pulp (aka GI JOE) project. If you're a nostalgia addict or if you played with them as a kid, have a look at Par la bouche de mes canons, my other blog, where the action is happening. 

I figure a least a few of my readers are from the 80s, and yes this post is a shameless plug to my other blog.


  1. Really nice work Dude. I know a bit about GI Joe as they were a support story in the UK Transformers comic.

    The UK Transformer comic was weekly as opposed to the monthly US version so they ended up padding a lot. Some of this was with support strips such as GI Joe and Visionaries. Other padding was stories written in the UK and as they couldn't write stuff that impacted the main US continuity their stories often centred around characters that didn't appear in the US stories such as the Dinobots and Ultra Magnus. As it was weekly and not just an advert for the current range as the US version was they had more time for character development.

    Anyhow, I digress, point us, I know a little about the Joes so I look forward to seeing your progress on these.

  2. Cool stuff. But I'm too old for GI Joe, He Man etc. That was all kids stuff for me.