Friday, February 17, 2017

Lorhal Kuvax, Nurgle Sorcerer

Let the Old World rot away and all come to Nurgle

I haven't painted a lot of Oldhammer recently, mostly because I've been working on my LeafGrave and Epic project, both requiring figures to play. My Chaos army has reached a good size (3000pts+) and so I feel a bit less urgency in painting figures. Which will surely change next year, when I start my second Oldhammer army...

Anyways, last saturday after a family dinner I felt like painting a single and so I settled on a nice Old School Citadel Nurgle sorcerer. I enjoy painting Nurgle figures since I like all things disgusting and horror and I especially like the hooded ones; I find they look super creepy. This one is no exception. This sculpt, released in 1989 I think for the Realm of Chaos line, was used, with a few modification, as the basis for two Nurgle Sorcerers; one with a staff and one with a sword. Those familiar with Citadel figures of the mid-80s know this was something often done in all their ranges; it allowed them to produce a lot of variety while keeping costs down, and apparently gamers loved variety! Stunning, I know.

You can see the two very similar Sorcerers; top right and middle of third row

The one I painted today is the sword version; I also have the staff one but him I keep for something special. So I present to you Lorhal Kuvax, Nurgle Sorcerer.

Since my Chaos undivided core force is black and poison green (a bright green), I've been trying to avoid green for my Nurgle contingent, and rather go with browns, beiges, yellow and even pinks. So for this one I went with a dirty beige, with pink details. I used just a tad of my poison green, to tie it with the rest of the force.

Of course, this being Oldhammer, a sorcerer needs a familiar! So I also painted a little freak to accompany him. One of the weirdest familiar model from the era, it's basically a gigantic mouth, but he does fit nicely stylewise with Papa Nurgle's children.

And 10 pts for the challenge

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Halflings Part IV (LeafGrave project)

And here he was, a little halfling from the Shire, a simple hobbit of the quiet countryside, expected to find a way where the great ones could not go, or dared not go. It was an evil fate.

Not very original, am I?

Yes, five more Halflings this week. I'm just amazed I managed to keep my pledge of five per week, really! And for this week we have a pretty bizarre and heteroclite bunch of little men, with a Digger, a Potion Maker, a Linksman, a Thief and a Warrior Princess (!). Some of these are definitely on the silly side of things, but it's what makes this range's charm. 

From left to right : Potion Maker, Digger, Warrior Princess, Linksman and (80s) Thief
I'm quite pleased with the way the Warrior-Princess came out, as I didn't want to go with a boring metal or gold plated "armour". She reminds me of the Princess in one of the Super Mario NES game., I even resisted the urge of painting her pink! I do love her gigantic sword. Make fun of her incredibly impractical armour at your own risk, fellas!

Notice the Linksman's golf bag filled with weapons! 

And then we have the Thief, dressed as a 80s hair band member for some reason, complete with the haircut, the tight pants, the headband and the short coat with glitter and epaulets! When I saw it, I figured I just had to paint it as the Europe band singer, complete with white jacket, pink pants and blonde hair! Those were the days, am I right?!

Makes for a lousy thief's attire if you ask me, maybe she can bling her victims' attention away from her pick pocketing? 

Anyways, silly and fun bunch, silly post, good fun to help survive a sad February. I'm up to 20 Halflings done, and my goal was 25, so I might just skip a week next week. Or not. We'll see.

And another 25 pts

Monday, February 6, 2017

Emperor's Children additions (30K, Epic Style Part IV)

More Emperor's Children for my Epic Horus Heresy project. I've been painting these in between Halflings. One of the things I enjoy about painting Epic is that it's a nice change of pace; sometimes I'm just really tired of working on 28mm figures and I just switch in the middle of a session to painting little tanks and it gives me renewed energy and motivation.

So this week we have three support detachment sporting the Purple & Gold of your favourite Legions of depraved sociopaths. 

First up, a detachment of 4 Predators. These are the Annihilator variants, equipped with turret-mounted Twin-linked "Stormbringer" Lascannons as opposed to the basic turret-mounted Autocannon on the Predator Destructor. I always had a soft spot for the Predators' look, as I find it looks good without being over the top.

Up next, we move one size up to a quatuor of Sicaran Battle Tanks, one of the most advanced armoured vehicles used by the Space Marine Legions during the Horus Heresy. These powerful vehicles were exclusive to the armouries of the Legiones Astartes and were just in the process of being introduced as a standard vehicle of the Legions when the Horus Heresy broke out. This allowed the Warmaster Horus to ensure that many examples of the new tank found their way only into the armouries of the "traitor" Legions that would side with him before the outbreak of his rebellion against the Emperor. Yes, Horus is the kind of leader you can count on!

Not very point effective for the duel though, as they are rather big for a measly 2 pts! But that drawback is more than offset by their badassery and their awesome look!  These guys are big and mean, and style wise fit perfectly with my philosophically agressive Emperor's Children.

And last for this week is a Legion Outrider Squad. I needed more speed for my Legion, and these guys look the part. These mechanized Space Marine reconnaissance squads are mounted on all-terrain Assault Bikes and are responsible for performing scouting missions and conducting guerrilla attacks behind enemy lines.  I quite like the models, although in hindsight I'm wondering if I should've put two bikes per bases. Of course, that would've required twice as many bikes and twice the cost! Anyways, the detachment still looks good to me, even if pictures are a bit hard to get right because they are so very small!

And a family picture, just to give some perspective on the size of each models.

Next up for this project; more infantry for my Emperor's Children, and probably another Super Heavy Tank.

And another 22 pts for the challenge.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Halflings, Part III (LeafGrave project)

Judge me by my size, do you?

Those of you actually reading my ramblings may recall that the Halflings are meant, amongst other things, to play some Frostgrave games (which I renamed LeafGrave for this project). And to play LeafGrave, you need at least two very important things : 1) a wizard and 2) an apprentice. So it was time to paint one of each! Also this week a Paladin, a bard and a fighter.

From left to right: Fighter, Bard, Apprentice, Mage and Paladin

The Mage is to be used as an Elementalist for LeafGrave. I didn't painted the Apprentice in the same colour scheme as the Mage, which many people do, as I wanted the Apprentice to blend with other of my Halflings wizards. 

Because yes, I have a few more Halflings wizards from that range so that will leave me the option of building different Halfling warbands with different wizards. I expect you'll see at least one or two more practitioner of magic in the next month or so! I did however gave the apprentice the same type of "lightning blue" magic flame to tie him up. 

I hope you keep enjoying the little guys as much as I enjoy painting them. It's like going through all the possible D&D Character classes, 5 Halflings at a time.

More Halflings (possibly, probably) to come next week!

And another 25 pts for the Challenge