Friday, September 16, 2016

Kickstarter galore

Bob loses saving throw vs. shiny with a penalty of -5. Bob takes 2d8 damage to the credit card

My credit card has been mostly immune to the Kickstarter craze which has has gone crazier in the last year, it seems, at least in the RPG/miniatures/boardgame world. Now I'm not saying I'm better than any of you (in fact I'm a weak, weak man), but rather that the purchase of a house and it's accompanying fees made me unable to partake in the great 2015-2016 Kickstarter Orgy! Well, almost, if not for a project...or two. 

But this september...this september? Damn, shit is getting real! Indeed, it seems everyone wants my hard earned money this Fall. I'm contemplating joining in 4 projects, which is probaly too much...right? Right? Anyways, all are funded, so this post is not about convincing you to join me into further debts, but rather just to share should any of you see something you like. 

  • The first is Giants Adventurers by StoneHaven miniatures. Stonehaven is a small outfit I knew nothing about not long ago but which managed to convince me to join their Halfling kickstarter last Fall. I went completely bonkers for their fun concept art and went with a completionnist pledge, basically buying sight unseen the whole range, a little over 50 of them small little barefooted fellows. Their style is very old school D&D adventurers, and has a nostalgic charm to it. I received the figures a few weeks back and they are just awesome. I'm in love with the range, really! (more to follow on my plans for them). I was also very impressed with the customer service, updates, etc. of Stonehaven. Now, I do like to reward competency so...they are working on a range of big (huge) giants. It looks quite promising, and the contrast of going from painting Halflings to painting Giants from one year to the next weirdly appeals to me... 

  • Second project, Greenskin Wars, is pure Oldhammer goodness, from Kickstarter veteran, Oldhammerer and sculptor extraordinaire Diego Serrate. Those of you on Facebook Oldhammer pages probably know Diego, who's very active and has created all kinds of Oldhammer inspired range from Space Orks to Realm of Chaos warriors. Diego is on a personnal mission to cause financial ruin to all Oldhammerers, and now runs what is I believe his 4th Kickstarter this year alone! This time, and it does hit me right in the feels, he's briging a range of Oldhammer inspired goblins sculpted by the legend Kev Adam. Part of these were previously available from Crooked Claws miniatures, but a lot is new. Including my own favourite, the Feral Goblins (I'm a sucker for Forest goblins). 
  • Then, Ancien Ruins, a nice resin terrain offering from Worldsmith Industries. Normally I avoid buying unpainted terrain, because I'm lazy and I prefer to spend my time painting miniatures than terrain. However this particular set appeals to me because a) I like the asthetic of ruined ancient greek terrains, and b) it fits perfectly in an upcoming project of mine; LeafGrave (i.e. Frostgrave but set in an ancient city in the forest instead).

  • and finally, Kev White does Matt Dixon, a kickstarter by well known manufacturer Hasslefree Miniatures. The project is a range of often scandily clad women warriors, imagined by Matt Dixon and sculpted by Kev White. Actually every figure is offered in 3 options; naked, pin-up and winter dressed. I'm attracted by the aesthetic of the range, especially the very 60s-70s "exploitation" look of the pin-up, and some of the figures come with awesome beasts like a triceratop and sabertooth tigers. Definitely not SJW friendly!

So 4 awesome projects, almost running simultaneously...