Monday, April 16, 2018

Kleznot's Forest Goblin Mob (and fanatics) (March entry in the OWAC)

Quantity has a quality all it's own

Here is the first part of my rather large March entry in the OWAC, at least in figure count, a mob of 30 Forest Goblins infantry! 

The unit is made-up entirely of classic early 90s Citadel forest goblins, sculpted by gobbo master Kev Adams. The unit, equipped with two handed weapons, is worth a whopping 141.5 points (and that's including the Big Boss)! 

But who cares, they look so good and cute! I used my orange-yellow-red colour scheme trio, and, while they were a lot of work, I'm super happy with them. Big units look good, always!

I did swore a lot while painting these, as the amount of details on these guys is absolutely bonkers, especially for troops that you need so many of. I also painted the 30 bastards in one go! I'm going to have nightmares about feathers, that's for sure. And I now have a love/hate relationship with Kev Adams!

The depth picture, to prove all the little bastards have been properly painted!

And then we have 3 fanatics! Yes, I can hear you say "fanatics? In a Forest goblin army?" Well, why the fuck not?! It occurred to me while perusing army lists to prepare for an upcoming game with challenger Chris and a few others in May that my army has no fanatics, which while correct by 4th edition rules, doesn't work in 3rd edition, the edition I actually play (the 3rd edition doesn't differentiate between Forest, Night or regular goblins)! And, I always thought the idea that only Night goblins to have fanatics kinda stupid, and sad. Every goblin army should have fanatics! So I decided to paint some, but in the bright colours of my army instead of black.

As I was painting these, I realized I don't recall ever seeing these guys painted in another colour than black. Yes, I know black is the fluff, but it's still amazing how we fantasy gamers sometime stick with what's "appropriate" or "historically accurate".

Anyways, I think they look great, I intend on painting more for this army if possible next month, and I hope they will cause terrible pain to Chris' Elves and Dwarfs! 

So, the points :

30 Forest Goblins w 2 handed weapons, including standard & musician & Big Boss : 141.5 pts
3 Fanatics : 90pts

Total : 231.5pts