Monday, April 16, 2018

Kleznot's Forest Goblin Mob (and fanatics) (March entry in the OWAC)

Quantity has a quality all it's own

Here is the first part of my rather large March entry in the OWAC, at least in figure count, a mob of 30 Forest Goblins infantry! 

The unit is made-up entirely of classic early 90s Citadel forest goblins, sculpted by gobbo master Kev Adams. The unit, equipped with two handed weapons, is worth a whopping 141.5 points (and that's including the Big Boss)! 

But who cares, they look so good and cute! I used my orange-yellow-red colour scheme trio, and, while they were a lot of work, I'm super happy with them. Big units look good, always!

I did swore a lot while painting these, as the amount of details on these guys is absolutely bonkers, especially for troops that you need so many of. I also painted the 30 bastards in one go! I'm going to have nightmares about feathers, that's for sure. And I now have a love/hate relationship with Kev Adams!

The depth picture, to prove all the little bastards have been properly painted!

And then we have 3 fanatics! Yes, I can hear you say "fanatics? In a Forest goblin army?" Well, why the fuck not?! It occurred to me while perusing army lists to prepare for an upcoming game with challenger Chris and a few others in May that my army has no fanatics, which while correct by 4th edition rules, doesn't work in 3rd edition, the edition I actually play (the 3rd edition doesn't differentiate between Forest, Night or regular goblins)! And, I always thought the idea that only Night goblins to have fanatics kinda stupid, and sad. Every goblin army should have fanatics! So I decided to paint some, but in the bright colours of my army instead of black.

As I was painting these, I realized I don't recall ever seeing these guys painted in another colour than black. Yes, I know black is the fluff, but it's still amazing how we fantasy gamers sometime stick with what's "appropriate" or "historically accurate".

Anyways, I think they look great, I intend on painting more for this army if possible next month, and I hope they will cause terrible pain to Chris' Elves and Dwarfs! 

So, the points :

30 Forest Goblins w 2 handed weapons, including standard & musician & Big Boss : 141.5 pts
3 Fanatics : 90pts

Total : 231.5pts


  1. Always loved Forest Gobbos the most out of the various non-chaos greenskins races :) Yours are great as well bud.

    1. Thanks man! Forest Gobbos are also, obviously, my fav goblins

  2. you're motivating me to get busy painting mine. fantastic!

  3. Wow, beautiful job and stunning colors!

  4. "love hate relationship with feathers"
    I bet! Fantastic job on these classic figures, just excellent. Well worth the "effort" (i.e. "torture"). Always feels great to finish one, and then you count the rest in the unit and...

  5. Loved these when they dropped on the OWAC. Great looking unit.

  6. Fantastic. The fanatics look great and I approve of your doing so.