Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Lord of Change

"Magnarrr" , the voice purred as the deamon scrutinised it's champion, "you must remember there is nothing I do not know, no-one I do not suspect! No-one, no-one.

The daemon laughed it's mocking laugh once more and Magnar turned his face from that unforgiving stare.

The first painted miniature that wowed me and made me want to not only paint miniatures, but also be good at it, was a Lord of Change on the cover of the "Citadel Painting Guide", a small booklet which Games Workshop sold, at the time, for a buck! 

Lord of Change, upper right

I just loved the vibrant tropical colours and the awesome look of this chaotic beast. I painted one, back in 1991 which for very long stood as the benchmark of my painting abilities. It's still today in my collection, and it has seen a lot of battles over the years (as evidenced by the loss of its tail...).

So for the Monstrous challenge of the The Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge (Yes, I'm stupidly part of two painting challenges at the same time)  I decided to paint me another one of those! I figured there would be a lot of dark stuff in this challenge, but I would go with a full blown display of colours! I find it a bit sad nowadays seeing people paint their Lord of Changes in mono colours of blue or purple, this is Tzeentch goddammit, the God of Change and mutations, and his servants should be as vibrant and colourful as possible!

At the time, Citadel made three bodies, with randomly available heads and tails. My favourite body was this one, and the two headed was also my favourite head. I waited for a while on Ebay until I found my perfect Lord of Change, and this guy's been in my collection for a few years now. 

So I obviously went with a full tropical colour scheme, inspired by the classic paint jobs of the 80s. I especially like my ultra bright green and the pale blue of the wings. This guy took me a while to paint, what with all the textures and the many details. He was also a pain to hold while painting! But I'm really happy with him, and I believe my 10 year old self would be very happy with his look.

He's going to have a place of honour in my future Tzeentch and Slaanesh allied force I've been collecting and planning in the last few years (my current force is Nurgle, undivided and Khorne). 

Hope you like him, cheers!