Monday, May 7, 2018

Stag's Spida Rida (April entry in the OWAC)

Spiders so large they appear to be wearing the pelts of small mammals.

Excuse my language, but FUCK YEAH! Here's my last unit of Gobbos for the first edition of the OWAC, 10 Spider Riders!

I really worked overtime to get these guys done in time, and I really mean that! Due to work commitment, I couldn't start on these until two weeks ago to the day, which means that I painted 20 figures in 14 days. That's probably my record. They are not as nice as my last few units, they lack some details and highlights, and I had to cut some corners, but I was expecting worse! Now looking at the pictures I'm satisfied with them.

As usual for anyone who knows me, I went with bright colours for the spiders (I can't help myself), but used cold colours of pinks and purples to contrast them to the rest of my "hot trio" of Red/Orange/Yellow of my army colour scheme (as you can see on the clothes, feathers, etc.) I like the contrast it makes, and these guys really pop! The shields are the plastic shields from the 4th edition plastic spearmen gobbos, nice shields really, it gives a bit more style to the unit.

Now I did a mistake in the painting process; I painted the riders separately from the spiders. Big mistake. These guys are really difficult to pose and glue, so I had to go back and fix some of the spiders to erase some of "white" glue traces (because I had time to do that!). Also, I really should've pinned them. They hold fine, but I don't think these guys would survive a trip across border lines, for example.

Nevertheless, they are going to fight many a battles in my gaming room, for sure! 

In the last two months of the Challenge, I've submitted 43 gobbos and 10 spiders! That's 53 figures in a 61 days period! Last week I couldn''t feel my right arm (growing old sucks).

Oh yeah, points tally :

- 9 spider riders, including musician and standard, equipped with lances, shields and bows : 132pts
- Stag, Big Boss on giant spider, equipped with shield : 38pts

Total : 170pts

As a final comment,  I'm now the proud owner of a completely painted and based 1010pts army of Forest Goblins, and that's what the OWAC was all about! Have a look all May at the OWAC blog for a recap by each challengers of their army. There's some really good stuff in there. Mine will follow towards mid-month...


  1. Very nicely done, there must be no pink or purple paint left in Montreal. I will look forward to seeing them all in person.

  2. Enjoyed these both times I saw them. ;)

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